BDS Consult [“the company”] is an indigenous firm of Chartered Accountants, Training Consultants, Tax Consultants, Auditors, Financial and Management Consultants, Business Development Service provider and Human Resources Managers, 

The aim of BDS CONSULT is to equip organizations in attaining their optimal productivity through the implementation of customer focused strategies, effective management systems and the upskilling of competent and quality human capital. 

BDS CONSULT focuses on upskilling the Organization and its staff in achieving optimal efficiency and enhance performance in its business operations, improve productivity of Management and human capital and refocus and equip the staff in achieving desired result and goal/objectives of the organization. 

BDS Consult focuses on providing professional financial and management services to clients globally to meet the ultimate financial solutions of companies and its employees, through the development and maintenance of a cohesive network that operates to the highest standard of professionalism and excellence.

BDS Consult also uses creative and interactive skills to design and deliver numerous bespoke leadership, management, financial and customer service courses with a carefully selected and highly experienced team of training consultants. They are experts with qualifications and practical experience to a high standard in their respective fields. 

BDS CONSULT is an accredited Management Trainer certified by the Centre for Management Development (CMD). 

BDS CONSULT is also a registered Business Development Consultant and Trainer to Bank of Industry (BOI) and Lagos State Employment Fund (LSETF) for capacity building development and upskilling and training empowerment of Micro, Small and Medium scale Enterprises (MSME). 

BDS CONSULT is managed by a rare team of updated well exposed, highly skilled professionals whose combined financial services experience spans over many years, mostly acquired in key management positions in leading financial institutions in Nigeria. The team is led by Mrs Olubunmi Dapo-Sokan (FCA), ACIT, MSC (Corporate Governance). A seasoned Fellow Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience. .


To be a world-class management and financial organization providing exceptional and top-notch professional services to Corporate Organizations, Government establishments, Social Sectors and Individuals globally.


We focus on providing professional financial and management services to clients globally to meet their ultimate financial solutions, attain optimal productivity and set goals, through the development and maintenance of a cohesive network and skilled manpower that operates to the highest standard of professionalism and excellence.

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Our Open programme training takes place once in a quarter while we also provide in-house training to various organizations and institutions we partner with as may be required by them.

We offer both Soft Skill and Technical skill Trainings as listed below:



Emerging Leader Development Program -  This programme which is designed for middle to upper management helps participants focus on leadership, strategy formulation, decision making, achieving set goals, team management and the use of 360-degree feedback process to become stronger leaders.

Leadership Essentials - This is a 4-day program for middle and upper management designed to improve participants’ abilities and skills in areas such as team leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and change management.

 Leading Strategic Growth and ChangeThis is a 3-day program for middle and upper management which focuses on leading personal and business growth, overcoming challenges, launching new ventures, and leading necessary organizational changes to revitalize team and organization.

Personal Growth and Development for Leaders - This program which is designed for lower and middle management is to showcase and focus on steps for personal development and growth necessary to enhance performance and achieve better results for self and organization.

Team Building and Collaboration

This course focuses on what it takes to work as a team, the process and benefits of team collaboration vis a vis working in silos. It emphasizes how team bonding unites employees and channel them towards a common goal, thus generating greater productivity.  

Change Management  - Overcoming psychological resistance, anxiety and fear of change in personnel is a key aspect an organization should pay serious attention as this can affect the overall delivery of the strategic goals and result of the organization in growing and maximizing revenue. Thus, this course enables the participant to understand the need for change, either from one role to the other or changes in the Organization, the implication, the process flow and the associated and inherent gains in the change factor.

Organizational BehaviourThe objective of the course is to enable participants acquire the necessary skills and competencies required to better understand individual and team behavior and attitude and how to predict, control and manage it effectively and align it to higher productivity and overall team and Group performance. 


Excellence in Service and Relationship management. - Excellence is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities. Thus, this course has been designed to enable the participant to strive towards excellence in the discharge and delivery of his/her assigned roles and duties thus operating above average.

 Delivering Stellar Services to all levels of Clients -  Excellent service is vitally crucial and important to every organization and Industry as this is the first point of contact between the representative of the company and the customer. Stellar services focuses on going the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Customer Service Skills for frontline staff and MarketersThese are skills necessary to excel in any customer service position regardless of responsibility, Industry and type of customer. This training is highly crucial for frontline officers who are saddled with the responsibility of effectively portraying the image of their organization in a positive light.

Relationship ManagementRelationship Management is a strategy employed by an organization in which a continuous level of engagement is maintained between the organization and its customers. At this point, close relationship with new and existing customers will require a strong synergy of the Relationship officer, the organization’s processes, products and services to bring out, cross sale opportunities, long-term retention of customers, increase in share of customer’s business, referrals of new clients etc. Additionally, maintaining a level of communication with customers allows the business to identify potential sources of costly problems before they become an issue leading to loss of customer and attrition of clients.


Selling Skills for Sales and Marketing staff - Sales is the bedrock of any organization. It is the ability to effectively market the product and services of the organization to prospective clients and win them over for a lifelong relationship. Thus every individual member of an organization should acquire or possess some qualities of selling skills necessary to engage prospective clients and win them over from competitors. This course provides the necessary keys to acquiring selling skills specifically for Bankers – either junior or senior officers. 

Effective Communication - This course is to assist participants to develop and improve communication skills, learn to communicate more effectively, efficiently and confidently. Many jobs require communication skills for effective sales and marketing to achieve desired results, thus effective communication is fundamental to the success of a business. The course is thus desired for frontline officers from lower to middle level staff.


Basic Accounting for Non-financial officer - This course exposes the participants to accounting basics required to analyze financial records in order to make quality financial, management and investment decisions. Accounting principles, concepts, terminologies and guidelines are explained in simple basic terms understandable to non-accountants.

Credit and Ratio AnalysisThis course would assist the participants acquire more knowledge and understanding in the calculations of the creditworthiness of a business and its ability to meet obligations as and when due. The course further highlights and provides an exposition on the 5 “C”s of Credit.

Understanding and Interpretation of Financial Statements - Knowing how to work with the numbers in a company’s financial statements is essential for finance staff and managers of an organization. The meaningful interpretation and analysis of balance sheets, income statements and cashflow statements to discern a company’s financial position is the bedrock of quality decision making. This course would assist participant to understand more on what is behind the numbers.

We will be delighted to provide further briefing on the values and benefits of these courses and trainings. 


• First Bank Plc. (First Academy)
• Bank of Industry (BOI)
• Stanbic IBTC Bank 
• Wema Bank Plc.
• Accion Microfinance Bank.
• FCMB Capital Markets.
• Fidelity Pension
• Federal Inland Revenue Services
• Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF)
• Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue 
• Ogun State Board of Internal Revenue

• First Exploration & Production Development Company limited.
• Royal Exchange Assurance.
• Fedex (Red Star Express)
• United Securities.
• Christ Faith Tabernacle International Churches, UK 
• Locks and Switches, 
• St Ives Hospital
• Rohi Enterprises 
• Topshift Ventures Nigeria Ltd.
• Sokan Elusogbon, Barrister in Law
• Bethel Group of companies, USA