Our Training

We offer a comprehensive and practically focused range of training and developmental services to suit any organization’s requirements, from Corporate Organizations, to Government organizations and wider public sector, Financial Institutions, SME businesses as well as a host of private sectors.

The training is to upskill the Organization and its staff in achieving optimal efficiency in its business operations, improve productivity of Management and human capital and refocus and equip the staff in achieving desired result and goal of the organization.

We use creative and interactive skills to design and deliver numerous bespoke Leadership, management, financial and customer service courses with a carefully selected and highly experience team of training consultants. They are experts with qualifications and practical experience to a high standard in their respective fields.

Leadership and Management Courses

Competency & Capacity Building Training

Excellent Customer Service and Relationship Management

Accounting and Financial Empowerment Training

IFRS Training and Advisory

Various Human Resources

Credit Risk & Analysis and Training

Professional Ethics

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SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Training and Financing Advisory Services


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