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  • Training:

We offer a comprehensive and practically focused range of training and developmental services to suit any organization’s requirements, from Corporate Organizations, to Government organizations and wider public sector, Financial Institutions, SME businesses as well as a host of private sectors.

The training is to upskill the Organization and its staff in achieving optimal efficiency in its business operations, improve productivity of Management and human capital and refocus and equip the staff in achieving desired result and goal of the organization.

We use creative and interactive skills to design and deliver numerous bespoke Leadership, management, financial and customer service courses with a carefully selected and highly experience team of training consultants. They are experts with qualifications and practical experience to a high standard in their respective fields.

Training solutions offered includes but not limited to both Soft skills and Technical training as highlighted underneath:

  1. Leadership and Management courses
  2. Competency and capacity building training
  3. Excellent Customer service and Relationship Management
  4. Various Human Resources.
  5. Credit Risk & Analysis and Training
  6. Professional Ethics
  7. Accounting and Financial empowerment training.
  8. IFRS training and advisory.
  9. Taxation
  10. SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) training and financing Advisory services
  • Consultancy: 

Our expertise also goes into various aspect of Consultancy as the client Organization might require.  We review projects, processes, products, policies, strategic plans and financial records of an organization to determine problem areas and proffer solutions as well as implement them depending on the level to which the clients would want us to be involved.

We are versatile in the planning and handling of the following specialised jobs:

  1. Financial and Management Consulting
  2. Business and operational process Re-engineering
  3. Strategic Marketing and sales optimization.
  4. Product review, research and initiation.
  5. Change Management.
  6. Credit Risk Management solutions.
  7. Forensic and Investigation
  8. Loan origination
  9. Bank Statement review and excess charges recoupment.
  10. Corporate Finance  
  • Financial Advisory Services & Financial Management:

     BDS Consult also renders services in Advisory capacity to our client in areas where this is required. Moreso, during the course of our auditing the company, these needs may arise which would be communicated to the executive management of the organization. The Advisory services comprises but not limited to the following :

    1. Financial Management
    2. Corporate Finance Advisory
    3. Funds and Assets Management Advisory services.
    4. Corporate Governance review and Implementation.
  • Book-Keeping & Accounting

Our firm renders services to its clients regarding accounting matters as well as Audit procedures as follows :

Book-keeping & Accounting services:

      1. General accounting and book keeping.
      2. Setting up of accounting and internal control system, backed up by comprehensive and easy to use manuals.
      3. System reviews and implementation.
      4. Development of accounting policies in consonance with standard accounting practices and legislation.
      5. Preparation of annual financial statements and audited accounts.
      6. Analysis of information system including budgetary control, cash flow and profit forecast.
      7. IFRS (International Financial Accounting Standard) Implementation.
  • Audit:

We will focus on client business development issues by involving the most experienced members of our audit team right from the start.

We have carefully developed our approach to starting new audit assignments. We understand that a change of auditors can cause disruption to the management team and accounting staff. We therefore use proven management techniques, including:

    1. The use of experienced senior personnel in key positions.
    2. The use of automated audit software to deliver audit services cost-effectively, without compromising on standards.
    3. Detailed review of proposed audit and accounting timetable to ensure they are achievable.
    4. Effective documentation of the client’s systems ensuring that our audit is based on a thorough understanding of the client’s systems and processes.
  • Tax Consultancy:

BDS CONSULT acts as Tax Consultant to various companies – Corporate organizations, SMEs and individuals . These include Tax consultancy services in areas such as :

      1. Personal Income Tax, (PAYE)
      2. Companies Income Tax,
      3. Value Added Tax
      4. Withholding Tax
      5. Education Tax
      6. Capital Gain Tax etc…
      7. Transfer Pricing

We also carry out the compliance aspect of taxation by assisting clients to prepare returns and agree the eventual tax liability with the relevant tax authority. The firm has and maintains good relationship with the revenue officials and this in no small way expedites the prompt issuance of tax clearance certificate, which is required by all business.

The proper interpretation and correct application of various fiscal legislations  and ever changing tax laws is a highly specialized field by itself. Many clients in recent times have become more aware and as such require service in this direction than ever before.

  • Human Resource Management:

The Firm is well positioned to handle all human capital-related services, from sourcing appropriate and qualified candidates to head-hunting for specialized roles/job functions, recruitment, remuneration advisory, training (classroom/on-the-job training), Enduring performance management and feedback process to mention a few. These are highlighted underneath :

    1. Staff Training
    2. Performance management
    3. Job profiling and matching
    4. Remuneration management
    5. Recruitment Services
  • Business Development Service Provider

  1. Partner with and provide support to Micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) to grow and develop their businesses through our capacity development programmes.
  2. Support MSMEs to acquire and access loans and business funding at an affordable rate.
  3. Support MSMEs to develop synergies and linkages.
  4. Support MSMEs to develop the right business structures
  5. Monitor the financial and non-financial performance of the SMEs.

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